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For participating in Miles for Migraine - NYC 2023

My Story…

Known as 'super migraine' for its severity and sensitivity to environment, MUMS makes me so sensitive to environment that something as simple as a passing motorcycle can render me unable to walk and talk. I get paralysis and slurred speech. My independence relies upon a careful mixture of medication and treatments that may or may not be approved by insurance. Only 47% of people with chronic migraine are able to work full time, and I'm one of them. The only reason I'm able to work is due to my fine balance of medications. Migraine needs better & more effective treatments. People with migraine deserve better treatment and advocacy because the stigma against migraine is profound. Join me in fighting migraine stigma and helping the 40m Americans who live with migraine disease.

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 10 Giddy Love you Canns! So proud of all your hard work to raise awareness! $26.50
Oct 08 Sumeet Vadera $530.00
Oct 06 Marybeth Brady Thanks for all you do for us Cannon!! $26.50
Oct 06 Whitney Gosden $53.00
Oct 05 Paige West đź’• $53.00
Oct 05 Anonymous Thank you for all your advocacy work on this Cannon! Undisclosed amount
Oct 05 Dina Fierro ❤️ $265.00
Oct 05 Rebecca Kaplan $53.00
Oct 05 Dic & Cheryl Go Cannon!!! $530.00