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Help Anna raise money

For participating in Miles for Migraine - NYC 2023

My Story…

I remember my first migraine with aura - I was in high school and had a hard time reading my biology textbook because I was seeing shimmering sparkles and my vision was blurry. I didn't know what it was at the time, it was only years later did I realize I had migraine. Thankfully I have a great headache doctor and treatments that work to help keep me functioning, but not everyone has access to these treatments, or to a headache specialist who can help them. 

Migraine is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. And there is a shortage of physicians trained to help care for patients with migraine. There are a number of states who do not have even one headache specialist! Help support migraine research and support our headache medicine fellowship, so we can train more physicians to be headache specialists and reach those patients who otherwise do not have access to care! Any amount is greatly appreciated! 

Recent donors

Donation date Donor name Donation amount
Oct 06 Anonymous Thanks for all your care!! You are indeed a mentor to the entire migraine community!! Undisclosed amount
Oct 03 Mary Faugno Thank you, Dr. Pace, for the genuine care and concern you have for every one of your patients. $107.35
Oct 02 Sal & Flora Pace $107.35
Oct 01 Anna, John, Vito & Sal $54.10
Sep 27 Rebecca Brown $54.10
Sep 27 Maggie Stackpole $27.48
Sep 27 Christine Harvey $27.48
Sep 20 Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Tricia As a migraine sufferer,I appreciate your diligent work and efforts to help your patients!! $107.35
Sep 20 Aunt Margaret & Uncle Tony Go Anna! Great cause! $107.35
Sep 15 The Weissinger Family We support the Migraine Research and the Headache Medicine Fellowship. $533.35